Heart Over Hunger

Feed Yourself, While Feeding Others

Feed Yourself, While Feeding Others

I know what it’s like to be hungry. Not the kind where I’ve skipped breakfast from waking up late on a school morning, but the kind where my stomach went without for a few days. I’m fortunate enough to say that I only had to experience that once in my lifetime so far, and I would never wish for someone to have to go through what I went through. However, there are people who have to starve for days or even more. This is how I came up with Heart Over Hunger.

I had to do something, a project, to add a spark to myself. Heart Over Hunger did start off as a ‘project’, a bake sale, heck my teammates (Amber and Serena) and I were even planning to have the words ‘bake sale’ in the name of our project. We were to have a fundraiser through a bake sale where all profits went to a soup kitchen we selected.  Nonetheless, no matter how cheesy, our project did become part of me. A part of my heart.

Planning out event by event wasn’t difficult, but actually playing out each one was. We planned to budget, contact a store to fundraise at, bake, sell the baked goods, donate and volunteer at the soup kitchen we chose, and reflect as a group.  Due to our thirty day time period in which all events were to be completed in, our time was even more limited. Since all of us were busy on weekdays with school, the weekends we had were our best friends. To be honest though, we didn’t really stick to our plan. We ended up not contacting a store to fundraise at nor did we publicize as much as I liked to and neither did we budget beforehand. What really happened was that I went to the store before coming to Serena’s house to buy most of the ingredients we needed and prepped on a Saturday, May 24th to be exact, and set up the prices of our baked goods as well as our theoretical profit and cost. With more goods wanting to be made, we also walked to a nearby grocery store to purchase extra items.



Then on Monday, May 26th, we baked and baked and baked some more.

Some of the goods we baked!

Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs

Apple Muffins with Cinnamon Strudel and Vanilla Cupcakes that were waiting to be frosting

Apple Muffins with Cinnamon Strudel and Vanilla Cupcakes that were waiting to be frosting

S'mores Brownies

S’mores Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Puffs Getting Ready to Be Baked

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream Puffs Getting Ready to Be Baked

Before baking though, Serena and I ventured out into the great world as we scoured the stores upon stores for containers and a few ingredients we needed. Spending a good chunk of our time looking for cotton candy. I must say when we finally found cotton candy, we both saw stars in our eyes and created a small stock pile of the sweet. Our blood, sweat, and tears were really put into this day though. After our one day break, it was game time. We sold all of the baked goods at school (in the down low of course) with Serena and I doing some more baking on Wednesday. Eventually to our surprise and amazement we sold out on Thursday.  The only event that has yet to be completed is actually donating the profits to the soup kitchen. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to volunteer there this time, but hopefully if we had another Heart Over Hunger event, we will be able to volunteer.

Our results

Our results!

Throughout the whole thirty days, I realized how much time it takes to bake. I am an avid baker at home but I have never baked as much as I have on this past Memorial Day. We were on our feet ninety-nine percent of the time, whether it was whipping up another batch of cupcake batter or frosting or just plain old decorating. I also learned that people will have different goals for the future from the outcome of this project. I know that Serena will be having sales next year just for her own profits, which I find a great way for her to save up some money and I admire her for her goal for next year. On the other hand, I plan on continuing on Heart Over Hunger with an annual bake sale with plans still under way for a possible collaboration. I believe that this journey so far has been good to me, and I hope I will be able to say the same or something even better for the future.

In the end, I’m very thankful that my teacher planted this project onto us because I wouldn’t have done something like this until another few years. It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to start a nonprofit organization or soup kitchen where it truly was nonprofit, instead of most of the money donated or raised going to the CEO. I also am very grateful to Amber and Serena for being a part of Heart Over Hunger with me and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them, and I only wish them the best for their futures.


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Ready, Set, Brawl!

The best thing that happened in our whole Brawl

We were segregated. All thirty of us. Not into two but rather four groups. We have the left, the right, middle right and middle left side. A whole year has passed already and yet none of us really knew each other on a friendly level. Perhaps we had skipped out on too many Family Fridays and never tried to make an effort to know each other. Yet this was our brawl, with words of course.

(I mean, we made someone fall asleep…)

Round 1

When we got into our groups, I thought my group was solid with my teammates, Amber, Kaitlyn, and Serena, but we were crumby. I ended finished all of the questions by myself during the first day of receiving them while two of my teammates in a heated debate on something irrelevant to our work and the other silently sitting there. On day two (I believe it was a Friday), we only had three members with the one taking an AP test so I went over the questions with the two of my teammates. After verifying everyone’s answers, class was over with a slide show to be made over the weekend.

Unfortunately I got the food poisoning on Saturday and didn’t get well enough until the afternoon the next day, which only allotted late Sunday evening to be the time to make the slide show with each question having a slide.  Kaitlyn and I ended up staying up later to finish it up while one was asleep and the other was MIA.

Monday was the BIG day, and lucky me I was the one chosen to represent our group along with Kaitlyn deciding that she’ll be my backup. We were cut off, I wasn’t sure if our brawl got too boring or just due to time constraints. Truth to be told, it was more banter than I would’ve liked, which came back on to my end. This was the part where I failed my group; I didn’t come up with any historical or outside connections that would’ve boosted our argument. The photo we were planning to use too didn’t make it onto the big screen; we didn’t feel like it was relevant to use it. I ended up getting scolded for not using Russian soldiers as an example a teammate came up with on the spot in the heat of the brawl when we were up there. Fortunately, we passed with a nine minus on a scale of 1-10.

Round 2

In a way we were unprepared for the second round, I kind of scrambled to get unanswered questions down and the Google slides made with Kaitlyn (bless her soul). Out of all questions we only had one definite answer to a question while the others were bullet pointed and would then be made up on the spot based on what was briefly written.

We were the first to go, the two who hadn’t gone up yet for our group were representing us and we did the best we could within the given circumstances. We ended up with an eight plus. It wasn’t necessarily bad or good because we weren’t really ready. My teammates did put up a fight, and I was proud of them for that but I think we were the ones to not fare well.

What I Learned

Hands down, I should’ve done some more (okay, maybe a lot) research to help out with outside connections. Connections to the book were an iffy thing because the questions derived from the book were more general questions, where we couldn’t really elaborate or relate answers on with supporting evidence from the novel.  Our class wasn’t really enthusiastic or theatrical during the brawl, which I would’ve liked because most groups didn’t have connections and it was all banter. Throughout everyone’s brawl, I did document a general basis of what was said and when it was said and it was interesting to see who was firm and who wasn’t with their arguments. I definitely felt like a little bit more time or instructions should’ve been given to give direction. Some were brawls were just goofy and we didn’t really get anywhere except for the two teams both agreed on this and commentary was just added. On the other hand, things got really heated but both lacked connections which was just a shame. Thus, this leads to the lack of bond our class has because when both teams brawl and they came from different sides, there was just an awkward atmosphere. If we were given another chance, I would love to have a brawl like the last class, my teacher has.


That would be wicked.


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Blogging was Something New

Source: HeyGorg

Blogging was something new.

I never thought blogging would ever be difficult for me. Personally, I was way more excited to write and create content nine months ago than I am now. For the content I have created, I do feel the need to delete and get rid of everything because when I was writing everything seemed so forced, so rehearsed, so monotonous, it was me yet not me all at once.

Throughout the few months I’ve created my blog, I have always wondered if I was a great writer or perhaps below mediocre. Below mediocre was where I found myself. Going back to my elementary school days, to my junior high days, and to the days of high school that have already passed, I never felt prepared to write that amazing paper. We learned how to construct sentences with proper grammar and form essays that are structured to ease up the grading pains of our mentors. These formulated papers we write where we get decent grades on them end up meaning nothing in college because college professors are actually looking for something of substance. This then leads to writing unstructured material, such as blogging or writing a story. I never learned how to do that either, it was always about all the types of essays and how to write them to the point where our imagination was suppressed into nothing. I know my creativity is still in me, I just have to find it. I still see its presence in my projects that I turn in and the projects that are still works in progress.

Eventually, I came up with taking a creative writing class or reading more books and stories to get my brain flowing again; which will be a goal for my summer this year. This definitely helped with my future because it let myself know that I need to improve my writing.

Venting was a method that allowed me to get some of my blog posts and thoughts out. Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite post of mine because of how there was always something lacking in my writing. Nonetheless, I some of favorite bloggers include A Cluster of Ideas (Victoria, Vivian, and Ashlai), Serena, and Ivy.  However, if I were to create another blog or start blogging for myself, I would like to have better content. I always checked out posts from my fellow friends and felt inspired to tweak my writing up into something better. It’s probably one of the best ways to improve in my opinion. We all can sit in a class and have the instructor tell us what to write, what to do, but it won’t stick with us fully. On the other hand though, when you’re alone and going through content from articles or posts and you get fascinated the content, it’ll stick with you better. So whenever you’re writing, the idea of how something was written from the content you’ve read will be with you to alter you’re writing persona.

One thing I didn’t like though was not getting feedback or constructive criticism, and I felt like you as a teacher spread yourself a little too thin this year. I’ve heard wonderful things about you from your past students, and I wished that I got to receive that experience. Perhaps you were more difficult on them, and I say that would’ve been fine for the whole class aura on blogging and our work ethics as well. I’ve heard you praise past students’ posts too and it would’ve been great to see what your perspective on their posts were and what made you like them so much. All in all, the month I wished we spent more time talking about writing a blog post. Yes, you did talk about small components to boost our writing but what about the whole aspect of a post.


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I don’t like writing.

Featured Image -- 280

Why I don’t like writing in a nutshell. I concur with the feelings written across the screen. Words that have been said that I don’t think I would ever be able to describe. You know, like the feelings you can’t describe. I admit that I’m better at writing than speaking; I’m not eloquent in the spoken language. I wish I was but I’m not. When I write though, I’m too abstract. I like being abstract though; it’s a little piece of me that I only know about. So this piece sheds light to my writing. I’m vulnerable when I write as my fingers glide across the lettered keys. On the other side, there are posts where I do feel proud of posting them. I guess I’m a walking contradictory. However, this post isn’t and it truly does capture the essence of what some of us feel like when we write.


I don’t like writing. It doesn’t make me happy. It doesn’t do anything for me.

If anything, it makes me sad.

I don’t like people reading what I write. I don’t want them to even know that I write. I don’t like being judged. And if someone doesn’t like what I write, it makes me sad.

It makes me want to crawl into a shoe.

It makes me want to be reborn as a clam.

It makes me want to let rain fall from my eyes.

It makes me have a hot fiery ball of steel in my throat.

It makes me want to tie myself to a rocket ship and be flown into outer space where I can forget the people on earth.

It makes me feel like an ant after having returned from a long, and far journey to get food for my colony only to find it…

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Feeling Inspired

I have been in a rut lately, which I absolutely hate. So you could say that I’m contradicting myself at this point due to my inefficiency. One thing I’ve let go during my time is my art or projects. I’ve gone out and bought my supplies already and maybe started here and there, but I’m not even halfway on any of them. However, the tables are turning as I feel inspired. Continue reading

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Editing is Difficult Yet Amazing

Maya Angelou once said: Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Recently I finished a project for a class of mine. For the project, the class was divided into groups four or less and each group was to make and present a satirical comedy to the class. I was in a group of three with my friends, Serena and Amber, and I must say our final product was good, but it could’ve been better. Serena and Amber recorded the vocals for our video, while I edited the whole video. Continue reading

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Where I Feel Free

Source: Camdiluv

Source: Camdiluv

I like to do a bit of everything, and I always wished I had more time in a day to accomplish that feat. More time to sleep, more time to finish work, more time to learn, more time to explore, more time for everything really. Two of which I love to do is to run and cook or bake. I prefer to cook more than I prefer to bake though, despite the fact that I bake more than I cook.

Nonetheless, I remember the first time I baked something from scratch. Continue reading

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